We do not distribute hens due to stress and we prefer sales from the farm, where we select the best chickens at the request of customers.

Current species: D102, D192, D853 ,D159, D229, D149, D109, D959, D104, D617, D300, D723, GS 902, GS22


Poultry farm and family farm in Hájek

We are starting sales in a newly renovated poultry farm in the village of Hájek u Všerub (Domažlice).

The poultry farm is owned by the Poláková family, which breeds chicken for the public.

Breeding is carried out on loose bedding, so chickens are suitable for home breeding in yards and gardens (they are used to moving).

For chickens you can buy a rooster price as a chicken. The chicken begins to tolerate at 20 weeks of age.

Breeding is carried out from one-day-old chickens, which we buy in Líhen Studenec, to the final fattening of chickens.

Chickens receive a balanced diet in the form of compound feed.

The breeding is under constant veterinary supervision.

We are breeders, we are not TRADERS.