We do not distribute hens due to stress and we prefer sales from the farm, where we select the best chickens at the request of customers.


This is a product from a Czech workshop. The chicken coop is clad with floorboards, insulated with 50 mm polystyrene and covered with chipboard from the inside. Furthermore, laying nests, shafts, a window for ventilation and inspection cannot be missing. For the purpose of removing manure, the rear wall is tilted.

The whole structure is reinforced with screws for higher strength and durability, the upper shell is treated with clear lacquer and overall the chicken coop is a tasteful and practical accessory.

The advantage of Kurník is robustness, easy handling and thermal insulation (which ensures a high level of animal welfare).


Chicken coop dimensions for 20 hens

Length – 2600 mm

Height – 1800 mm

Width – 1800 mm

price 32 000 CZK. (without VAT)


Chicken coop dimensions for 10 hens

Length – 1500 mm

Height – 1800 mm

Width – 1800 mm

price 29 000 CZK. (without VAT)


Paddock compatible with both sizes size 2.5 * 2.5 m

price 11 000 CZK (without VAT)


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