We do not distribute hens due to stress and we prefer sales from the farm, where we select the best chickens at the request of customers.


Crop production

We grow ware potatoes, which can be purchased on the farm + in contract stores.

We also grow grain for the needs of the farm

  • purple clover for seed and to improve soil structure
  • white mustard for seedling

Animal production

Breeding of dominant hens on free litter

Production of eggs from loose litter

Cameroon sheep grazing inaccessible land

Bees – on the farm sale of bee product

Ponds – extensive fish farming


We offer services in agriculture:

John Deere 7530 premium tractors

  • orba kuhn multimaster 123
  • loosening, tillage with sowing (mandam top 4m)
  • transport of agricultural commodities 20 t semitrailer

John Deere 5055e tractor

  • cormino mulcher with a horizontal axis of rotation and a hammer with a reach of 2 m